43 Day Hikes to Peaks in the Olympics Ranked from Easiest to Most Difficult

Author Gary Huff

Author Gary Huff

By Gary Huff

The “Day Hiker’s Guide to the Olympic Peaks” lists 222 peaks in the Olympics. Of those, 74 are hike- able (walk-ups or scrambles) and do not require climbing skills. Approximately 43 of the 74 can be hiked in a day, using the criteria of under 20 miles roundtrip and under 5,000 ft elevation gain. 23 of the peaks require some off trail hiking; the rest are on or near the trail. All the off trail peaks are within sight of the trail and the off trail hiking and scrambling is through rocky areas that minimize damage to plants. 20 of the peaks are walk–ups. The others require some light to moderate rock scrambling. Since I’m a hiker and not a climber, I enjoy the exhilaration of moderate rock scrambling, but avoid steep, difficult rock which requires hand-over-hand climbing and is life threatening if you slip. However, some of the peak scrambles listed here will force you to slow down and focus to avoid injury, so they are not to be taken lightly.

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Length and time are listed as round trip. Elev. gain is listed after distance.


  • (w) walk up peak
  • (es) easy scramble
  • (hs) hard scramble
  • (ot) off trail
  • Enjoyment 1 low – 5 high

Blue Mt. – 6,007 ft. 1/2 mi. 100 ft. gain 1 hr. (w) 4
Obstruction Peak – 6,450 ft. 1/2 mi. 300 ft. 1 hr. (w) 2
Eagle Peak – 6,247 ft. 2 mi. 250 ft. 1 hr. (w,ot) 3

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