The Brothers are Mothas’! part1

By Bruce Greeley

August 24, 2010

Starting out, first day

Me at start

Me at start

‘Twas a beautiful full moon August 24th day, and so why not head off to the Olympics and climb “The Brothers” — didn’t Pop always point out to them across Puget Sound and wish us to do this? (to my brothers: didn’t Pop & Burry try climbing them once and one of them hurt his knee and had to walk backwards the whole way down? ooo, ominous premonitions!)

Also inspired by just going with whole family to new Robin Hood movie: “Rise and rise again, until lambs become lions” — never give up, aye aye!

it can’t be too hard, can it? This is America, they’re in a national park, of course there’s a nice well-marked trail, the guidebooks are exaggerating the difficulties, right? And I’ve done a couple hikes recently, more in shape (or more used to the agonies & pain of slogging along)


So, first stop was to old stomping grounds in Richmond Beach with picture of those twin peaks and good ol’ 17th Place Northwest:

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The Brothers are Mothas’! part2

By Bruce Greeley

Day two beginning

So, didn’t sleep too well, but never mind, a couple boiled eggs and I’m off by 7:30 am (!!) with only day pack…now see another tent which helps me actually find the right trail and I carry on….NOW the trail gets super steep, but little pink & orange ‘condoms’ (okay, flags) & rock cairns do mark the way…for awhile anyway, but then lose those too, but hey, I can see the peaks (3 instead of 2, strangely) so straight up has to be okay, yes?! Up through old forest fires (better than the loose scree and snow fields to left & right), spectacular views AND echoes (my lonely shouts caroming around the peaks and canyons, even dying out and re-echoing!), though I HAVE to get above this ridge to the east so I can see Seattle!

Scree & peaks

Scree & peaks

Nearing summit

Beyond the tree line I come up against a sheer near-vertical wall (pant pant!) but — if I’m even in the right place! — one guide book says: “From here [6000 feet], either bear right under the summit block to the ridge or go straight up through a narrow chute.”

So, I’m tired, why not take the shorter route? I drop my two walking sticks and start climbing up this wall, 30 or 40 feet high and kinda tricky to find hand and footholds at times.

Whew, now on top and just below the summit I think and above the ridge so I think that must be Seattle over there and I signal everyone with my mirror!! (see the light reflection on this tree):

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