Historic Canoe trip on Lake Mills

Story and Photo by Andy Sallee, Sequim, WA

Andy's brother Mike Sallee beside canoe on Lake Mills

Andy’s brother Mike Sallee beside canoe on Lake Mills

Andy Sallee sent in this wonderful story about his canoe trip from years ago. Andy says, "I'll miss Lake Mills when it’s gone and look forward to sharing stories about it with my grandchildren." Thanks for preserving a slice of history, Andy. - The Incidental Explorer

Summer 1997. Our Adventure started on a beautiful morning at Lake Mills, which is located on the North side of the Olympic Mountain range in Washington State. My brother, Mike and I had paddled a old canoe on this lake years earlier as teenagers and decided it was time to go back twenty years later to the lake we had remembered so fondly and take a day trip in my new Hilderbrand canoe. As far as I know there were only about ten of these canoes manufactured. My canoe is a fiberglass composite with cedar strip gunnels and seats. It is 17 feet long, and weighs 56 lbs. It is a yellow vessel for good visibility on the water. It is the coolest canoe anyone could ever have. I have paddled many miles in this boat on lakes, bays, and rivers. It is easy for me to say it has been my most cherished material possession.

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