Mount Zion

Pictures by Ed, Karen, & Neil.

September 06,2010

 Ready to rock ‘n roll.

Ready to rock ‘n roll.

On August 30 a carload of Goats were tasked with picking the hike for Labor Day. Someone suggested Mt. Zion and the group, tired and footsore after the trek up Mt. Jupiter, instantly agreed. At 1.8 miles and 1300 feet of gain, Mt Zion compares to Jupiter as Mt Adams compares to K2.

We arrived at the top almost before we warmed up. Someone said 38 minutes from the trailhead. On the way Ed pointed out some curious rock that looked like broken concrete; complete with embedded gravel. We speculated about how it came to be, and wished that Bruce, with his PhD in geology, was with us. (Anybody know what happened to him? Haven’t seen him in months.)

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