Celebrate Elwha

Celebrate Elwha Dam Removal Ceremony

By Bret Wirta-The Incidental Explorer

Saturday September 17th 2011

At the dam remvoal ceremony

The warm weather held for the Elwha Dam removal ceremony here on the Olympic Peninsula. This was the culmination of a week of festivities that marked the beginning of the removal of the Elwha and Glines Canyon dams, the largest dam removal and restoration project in our country. My wife Trisha and I felt fortunate to be invited. Dozens of dignitaries and a couple hundred invited guests were shuttled to the Elwha Dam site. The security was overwhelming. Federal Marshals and Department of Homeland Security officers in full body armor with bomb sniffing dogs combed the site. There were even agents climbing in trees on the ridge behind us. (We heard one fall during the ceremony with snapping branches and a thud!

There were many dignitaries present. Actor Tom Skerrit was the MC. He’s starred in the movies, “Alien”, “Top Gun”, and one of my all-time favorites, “A River Runs Through It.” The speakers included tribal leaders, National Park Service officials, senators, congressman, the governor and even President Obama’s Secretary of the Interior, Ken Salazar.

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Mount Ellinor

October, it’s another story, beware of Alpha bucks!

October, it’s another story, beware of Alpha bucks!

By Jack

September 12, 2011

This hike started out very passively on a dusty trail that is always improved upon every time we visit. Many thanks to the Mount Rose Trail Crew. When we came to a large patch of late season snow, the work began. I took advantage of the good kick steps my son Craig made.

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Mount Zion

By John

September 05, 2011



Thirteen of us in three vehicles arrived at the trailhead at about 9:00 AM. It was a perfect day for a hike, no clouds, not too hot, no wind, and very few bugs. The trailhead is well marked with a lot of good information, like distances, elevations, and what we could expect to see. It was a little chilly at first, but after a short walk up the trail we were up to optimum hiking temperature.

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Elwha Dam and surrounding area

Elwha Dam and surrounding area

by Rich Taylor

Elwha Dam and Lake Aldwell

Elwha Dam and Lake Aldwell

I’ve had a lifelong interest in art, taking a few college courses in commercial art as a young adult, dabbling in stained glass, woodworking, and watercolors. But, it wasn’t until retirement from a career as a mechanical inspector, and subsequently moving to Sequim in 2004, that I discovered my passion for photography. Some of my favorite subjects are local scenery & events, flora & fauna, and catching people in everyday activities. I’m a member of the Museum and Arts Center and actively participate in art shows and events on the Olympic Peninsula.

Most recently, my photo journeys have taken me to the Elwha Dam and surrounding area. With the dam removal set to begin in September of 2011, I knew I had to get these shots while I could. Here are a few photos I captured of this amazing ecosystem. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did the experience!

Rich Taylor

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