Mt. Rose


reported by Jack

Mt.Rose Trail #814

Mt.Rose Trail #814

This day we had no reported sightings of “Roses” on Mt. Rose. In our view the mountain might well have been named “Mt. Tiger Lilly”. This begs the question: “Where did Mt. Rose get her name?” I could offer a reward of ice-cream at Twana Café in Quilcene, but I owe too many of those rewards already and can’t seem to be at the Twana Café at the same time as those that are fast on the ww web. So, here’s the answer:

In 1857 Lt. George Davidson anchored his ship in a cove in the Puget Sound in southwest Seattle. At that time Lt. Davidson was engaged to Ellinor Fauntleroy and set out to impress his future father in law by naming prominent features after folks in the Fauntleroy family. Fauntleroy Cove was named after his future father-in-law, R.H. Fauntleroy. Davidson, impressed with the spectacular view of the Olympics to the west, named Mt.Ellinor, for his bride to be. He also named The Brothers, Mt.Constance, and Mt.Rose for members of his future family.

Now the answer that us romantics are really looking for is, “How did this noble gesture work for Lt. Davidson?” Ok! An ice-cream at Twana Cafe.

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Some of you may not know that the Monday Hikers do a lot of physical things in addition to hiking. If you are interested, you may want to talk to some of these people. Oh! And did I mention kayaking? Talk to Char and/or Gay.

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