Goats Notes, Tunnel Creek, 5050 Pass, Valhalla

Tunnel Creek

Tunnel Creek

August 22, 2011

trip report: Paul
photos: John, Gunda, Neil, Jack

Our hike to Tunnel Creek came late this year due to some large boulders that had fallen across the access road, and only recently removed. I love sunlight filtering down through the canopy to this moss-covered drainage, but we only had a smattering of sunlight on this mostly overcast day. Still, Tunnel Creek is charming in most conditions, and didn’t disappoint.

The summit of Mount Constance was obscured by clouds, but from time to time the clouds cleared enough to help the cliffs guarding its summit block stand out impressively.

All stripes of Monday hikers came to Tunnel Creek this day, and both Frank and Neil brought their daughters.

Lunch upon Valhalla, but no imperial throne-like view of Mt. Constance this day, and it was windy.

Surprisingly, Rainer, Baker, and the Cascade Crest made appearances now and again in between the overcast above and the clouds below.

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