Goats Notes Tunnel Creek Trail No. 841

Nov 7th, 2011

as seen by Jack McCarn

Hi Hikers,

Tunnel Creek

Tunnel Creek

Does anyone know where the name for Tunnel Creek originated?

This picture would suggest that maybe John had found it, if in fact, as it looks, the Creek is coming out of a Tunnel here.

Here we go on another enthusiastic hike on a very well known trail. The “Adventure” comes from what we do not know. Such as, I didn’t know that hiking only one of every three Mondays for a couple of months would make the “flat hike” to the Shelter so steep. “Uffda” comes to mind, a term I’ve heard around Poulsbo. The lesson to be learned here is, “If you are going to keep on hiking, you had better keep on hiking”.

Trailhead temperature was 31.3º F. No precipitation forecasted until afternoon. No wind.

There is a whole lot about Valhalla in Norse mythology on the web. All of it dark and sinister, except, I found one place that called it, “The place of the dead, i.e., for the Christian that is heaven.”

OK, that is more the way I see 5345 Peak. Not in dark and sinister tones, but a place of pure joy. In late summer when the flowers are in maximum show, my euphoria leaps like “Hinds Feet in High Places”.

Happy trails, keep on hiking!

Photo Credits:
Jim R

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