Pet Friendly Hikes

View from below Johnson Creek Trestle

View from below Johnson Creek Trestle

There are few experiences that can match enjoying the Olympic Peninsula with your dog. Here are some of the pet friendly trails, places and events you can both experience together. Please bring your pet only in designated areas, keep them on a leash and clean up after them. See you on the trail!

Here’s the tall and short of it

Olympic Discovery Trail to Sequim Bay Estuary – Walking along the wide, paved, Olympic Discovery Trail from the Holiday Inn Express, Sequim to the estuary at the head of Sequim Bay was a wonderful way to spend a sunny winter afternoon. Watch for speeding bicycles!

Calvin is on vacation too!

Thirty-Hour Lake and Sea Mini-Vacation – All we had was a day and a half to spend with my family and my dog. The challenge was to fit as much fun as we could on the Olympic Peninsula in that brief time.

Makah tribe’s special place

Cape Flattery – The trail to Cape Flattery is a short walk, but it may take you and your dog a while to get back to your car depending on how much time you spend staring at the sea. The trail and the boardwalk is slippery in the rain.

Onward to more adventures

Marmot Pass Hike – It’s said that if for some terrible reason you’re allowed one hike in the Olympics in your lifetime, this one should be it. I bet your dog will agree.

We bought food too- honest

Madison Falls Path and Picnic – If you are looking for an outing that combines a wheelchair access path, picnic area and a beautiful waterfall then Madison Falls in Olympic National Park is hard to beat. Perfect for elderly dogs too.

Starting up

Hiking Deer Ridge with the Klahhane Club – The Klahhane Hiking Club is an Olympic Peninsula-based hiking club. They didn’t bring their dogs on this beautiful trail when I hike with them, but you can.

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